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23 May 14:00STPLN Malmö

Hardware is the body in which you ship software. Software is the soul and intelligence of objects. At Hardware Connected we talk about how we build and ship these intelligent objects.

The greater Øresund region has been a centre for embedded hardware, software, and design since the turn of the millenia. Companies like Axis, SONY/Ericsson/Sony Ericsson and Arduino pioneered globally and then spun off amazing agencies, consultants, and finally startups here.

At the same time the cost for running a hardware centric company has plummeted during the last few years thanks to prototyping environments, 3D printing, Amazon fulfillment, and Kickstarter. Now anyone will the skills and the will can design, build, launch, and distribute.

At Hardware Connected we meet. Meet to connect the people working on prototypes, big companies, vendors, but most of all brains of great tinkerers, movers, and shakers independent of where they work.

All you need to know

The event is at STPLN, where ships used to be built. Then it turned into a collaborative venue, a creative incubator and the home of Swedens first maker space. Doors open at 14:30. Beers are served. Speakers get on stage at 15. 

15.00 Intro with Linda Malmgren

15.10 Talk by Martin Peeker from DVel - "Why Skåne is one of the best regions for hardware companies”

15.30 1 min company pitches

16.30 Network/Mingle

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Martin Peeker

"Why Skåne is the best place in the world for hardware development. From being 1000 years behind to being 1 step ahead. What brought us there and what's bringing us even further."

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Organised by #MalmoStartups

Gabriella Olsson
Linda Malmgren
Hampus Jakobsson
Joel Larsson
Karolina Friberg